Working Women’s Hostel

A space to live, a place to grow from

One of the main activities of the WGU is running the Sir Purshotamdas Thakurdas Working Women’s Hostel which provides accommodation to working women who come from outside of the city of Mumbai.

The Hostel is governed by Government Rules and Regulations.
The facilities provided at the hostel include:

Working Women’s Hostel
  • Rooms with single and double occupancy, where the tariff includes – breakfast, and dinner on weekdays; lunch and tea on Sundays and bank holidays
  • 24x7 hot water supply
  • Visitors’ room and a lounge with televisions for residents
  • Two resident superintendents and an administrator work full time to ensure seamless operations
  • Above all, a hostel committee oversees the management of the hostel
  • A well stocked library, with books ranging from fiction to information, is available to the hostel residents. New books are added periodically to the library


Funding education, financing the future of deserving students

WGU Scholarships are available to graduate/post graduate students, for medical studies, primary teacher’s training, polytechnic courses as well as nurses training.

Computer Centre

Pushing the learning curve up with technology

The advent of computers in the ‘80s in India marked a new era in the Indian economy and people are now aware of the need to learn computers. Computerization is a powerful tool in education and helps immensely in literacy programmes.

To fulfill this need, the WGU, in association with Aptech Computer Education started a full-fledged Computer Centre on October 29, 2001, so that it could foster an environment wherein it encourages women and senior citizens from all backgrounds to start using computers. The Centre was inaugurated by one of the pioneers of the Indian Software industry, Dr. F. C. Kohli.

Today, the Centre, which remains open from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm, runs elementary and professional courses, with trained teachers. Time is given to practice which is a real help as such a facility would otherwise be out of the reach of most students. Although the fees are subsidized, a few scholarships for needy children and women are available.

The Computer Centre has been effective and popular for over a decade now, patronized by children, women and senior citizens from different income groups and educational backgrounds. The Centre gives training to more than 100 students every year.

The Computer Centre plans to grow in size and in the range of training, to allow more and more students to become computer literate.


Office Automation
(Duration: 60 Days)
Minimum qualification - 10th Pass, age above 16 yrs.)

  • Introduction to computers – 3 days
  • Windows – 5 days
  • Microsoft Office Word – 15 days
  • Microsoft Office Excel – 15 days
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint – 7 days
  • Practice Session – 15 days

Smart Kids Course
(Duration: 30 days)
Children (Age between 7 to 10 yrs.)

  • Introduction To Computers – 1 day
  • Educational Games – 2 days
  • Paint – 5 days
  • Microsoft Office Word – 10 days
  • Microsoft Office Power Point – 7 days
  • Practice Session – 5 days

(Duration: 10 days)

  • Email – 2 days
  • Net Surfing – 2 days
  • Chatting – 2 days
  • Facebook - 2 days
  • Skype - 2 days

Senior Citizens
(Duration: 30 days + Renewable 30 days)
( Age 65 years and above)

  • MsWord – 7 Days
  • Internet – 3 Days
  • Search Engine – 2 Days
  • Chatting (for Senior Citizens) – 3 Days
  • Facebook – 3 Days
  • Practice Session – 12 Days
  • Package price for a batch of 6 students together

Separate practice sessions for students

The Behramji Lalkaka Balwadi

Balwadi-Prize Distribution Event

On the Event of Prize Distribution
The Lalkaka Trust gave a donation of Rs.60,000/- to the Balwadi. The Trustees of Lalkaka Trust were invited for the Prize Distribution Function held for the Balwadi children on February 28, 2017. Parents were invited to attend. Cash prizes were given to the winning students. Parents of good students were also given prizes to boost them keep up with their efforts for a better life of their children. A chocolate, a small tiffin box and a coloured pen were distributed by the Lalkaka family to each child.

Balwadi-Independence Day Event

Independence Day Celebration
Balwadi children celebrated the coming of a number of festivals this month. Balwadi classroom was gaily decorated for Independence Day and children were taught to recognize the colours of the National Flag, and participated in tree planting. Along with the Independence Day celebration the kids also celebrated Dahi Handi festival. On the same day the kids participated in breaking of the handi with the support of their teachers and had a great time. Mrs. Sabita Chuganee distributed sweets.
The programmes were sponsored by Allahrakhia family.
On August 29, the Balwadi children celebrated Ganpati with a puja and snacks were distributed to the children. Class remained closed for Ganpati festival from September 6 to September 12, 2016. Activities like clay modelling, paper folding, drawing and painting continue together with their regular class work.

Serving children of the poorest of the poor

This child care center is dedicated to children in the age group of 3-5 years. It provides pre-school education to the children (of the poorest of the poor) who could not afford a decent nursery education.

The Balwadi provides nourishing snacks to the children on a daily basis and there are regular health checkups to ensure their continued well being.

It helps groom young children and enables them to enjoy a socially aware and happy childhood. It also provides them a good educational foundation.

Study Centre

An enabling environment for those who seek to study and enhance their social status

In 1985, Mrs. Kalawanti Alreja and Mrs. Irene Heredia obtained a donation from Sir Dorabji Tata Trust to provide a healthy environment in which deprived children could study and educate themselves.

With the donation, the first Life Member of WGU and the Chairman of the Fund Raising Committee and Study Centre, Mrs. Antoinette D’Costa initiated the Study Centre, which was formally inaugurated in 1985. Today the Centre is a boon to parents of Colaba Municipal Schools and marginalised children of the Colaba slums.

The Study Centre has about 100 children in the age group of 7-14 years, studying in 2 different sessions.

Counselling and Guidance Centre

Talk on Anti Tobacco

A Seminar on ‘Tobacco and its harmful effects ‘ was conducted on January 20th 2017, in association with Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital and Voice against Tobacco Organization.

The guests were invited. It was attended by approximately 250 people of which 200 were from the BMC School, Colaba. All present pledged not to consume tobacco in life. It was a great success. A signature campaign on Ant Tobacco was also conducted.

International Women’s Day Celebration

C&G celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, 2017. Certified Transpersonal Regression Therapists, Dr. Anita Bhasin and Ms. Rashmi Gupta Gheewala conducted a lecture cum workshop on Past Life Regression.

They talked about how our past experiences affect our present mental and physiological states. The audience thoroughly enjoyed and enthusiastically participated. It was followed by cake cutting, music, Photoshop session and a scrumptious lunch.

Alternative Healing

A workshop on Alternative Healing was held on July 13th,2016 by the C&G Centre at the Amy Rustomjee Hall.

The key note speaker invited was Ms. Divya Bajaj who is an Alternative therapist. The workshop was attended by a big gathering who found it really interesting and informative.

Addressing stress and tensions of modern lifestyles

WGU works to assist disturbed individuals at its Counselling and Guidance Centre that helps people cope with their work-life balance and their life situation better. The centre is staffed with a qualified and trained social worker and a counsellor who are adept at helping people overcome their mental and emotional stress levels and to face odds with courage and conviction.

The Centre also conducts programs on Conversational English to prepare women to take up better paying jobs and advance their career with enhanced communication skills. These courses are targeted at school drop outs to help them with another chance to enter the work stream.

Moreover, the Centre also successfully conducts courses on Home Management for women along with a module on Personality Development.

Training imparted in Mehendi application. The classes are held in WGU premises five times a week.


Consumer & Civic Affairs

CCAC-'Talk on Budget-2017 by distinguished CA Mr. Shailesh Haribhakti'

Consumer and Civic Affairs (CCAC) Talk by Mr. Shailesh Haribhakti, distinguished Chartered Accountant.
CCAC held a very successful and well attended talk on the topic “Planning your Financial Future” by Mr. Shailesh Haribhakti, distinguished Chartered Accountant of Haribhakti & Co. The talk was held on February 7, 2017 which was preceded by tea and snacks.

No-Honking Drive The Consumer and Civic Affairs Committee (CCAC) supported by a) Sumaira Abdulali founder of AWAAZ , b) Colaba Advanced Locality Management (CALM) and c) My Dream Colaba (MDC) held a very successful ANTI-HONKING drive on 20th August 2016 as part of their ANTI –NOISE POLUTION campaign.

Members from the WGU, residents from citizen action groups such as CALM and MDC and also students and teachers from schools in the vicinity like Convent of Jejus Mary, Holy Name High School, Colaba Municipal school, IBS Business School- Powai, Little flower of Jesus school and other municipal schools from other areas as well as Abdulali herself stood at the five traffic signals and junctions between Regal and Colaba and Cuffe Parade with banners and placards urging motorists to cease honking unnecessarily. The banners would attempt to educate motorists about the hazards of rising noise pollution in the city. Anil Kumbhare, DCP, Traffic, had also pledged his support and was not only present at certain sites but also deputed traffic personnel to join the drive.
The event was covered by the following newspapers

  • Times of India
  • Mumbai Mirror
  • Hindustan Times
  • DNA – daily news paper (supplement)

Another anti noise pollution campaign where Sumaira Abdulali was the guest speaker was scheduled on 2nd September 2016 in the WGU Hall.


Creating civic consciousness in the community

The Consumer and Civic Affairs cell of WGU promotes a host of progressive social and civic causes that are relevant to the times. Additionally, the Cell works actively with environmental or eco-friendly issues.

The Cell also conducts workshops and seminars on citizens’ rights and responsibilities so as to increase public awareness.

Consumer and Civic Affairs

Silver Corner

For senior citizens

Senior citizens have unique problems, perspectives and needs that can be best understood by their peer group. WGU runs a Silver Corner for senior citizens, giving them time and space to rejuvenate themselves. Our Senior Members meet on Monday mornings for educative programmes and entertainment. They also play housie, share recipes and jokes. Most importantly, they share their problems with each other.

Silver Link

Yoga and Aerobic Classes

Care for the mind and the body

To promote the health and well-being of members, yoga classes are held twice a week and aerobics five times a week, Monday to Friday, under trained teachers. Aerobic classes also create the necessary awareness for WGU with the younger generation thereby promoting memberships.

Programme and Fund Raising Committee

Silver Link

Silver Link

Salome-This n That
Salome's 'This 'N That' programme was held on Friday, August 19, 2016.Preceeded by her fame as a ballroom dancer and teacher, Salome Roy Kapur was to talk on 'A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That' !
Beautiful,lithe and graceful, Salome had the audience enthusiastically responding as she demonstrated various easy and light exercises to tone up every part of the face and body to keep oneself glowing and healthy.
Demonstrating and leading the audience through the moves of Chi-Gong and tips on good diet, breathing, grooming and fitness, the interactive session saw the minutes just slipping by and all too soon the programme came to an end. But not before all present took to the floor to cha-cha with Salome! Delighted and happy, the ladies sat down to a sumptuous lunch!

Heart to Heart Talk

Health Workshop - Programe Committee in collaboration with Bhatia Hospital presented a Health Workshop on Wednesday September 21, 2016 from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. at Amy Rustomjee Hall. Senior cardiologist of Bhatia Hospital Dr. Siddharth Dagli opened proceedings, explaining along with a power-point presentation, the risks, the symptoms and the "dos and don'ts" to keep oneself safe from cardio-vascular disease. Though most people have a basic understanding of this disease and its prevention, Dr. Dagli's presentation was extremely lucid and laced with humour and easy for the layman to follow and remember. The graphic presentation of the actual procedure of stent placement in a blocked artery to open it up, was extremely interesting and the high–point of the talk. In the question and answer session, Dr. Dagli very patiently offered explanations / rebuttals to the storm of questions put to him. The entire talk was aimed towards informing, not frightening the ordinary person of the risks, prevention of heart attacks and their remedies. Thank you Dr. Dagli.
Dr. Dagli's talk was followed by a presentation on "Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiotherapy" by Dr. Shreya Sakre. Dr. Sakre's talk took off from Dr. Dagli's presentation – what to do after a heart attack and during the recovery period from heart by-pass surgery or insertion of stents. Dr. Sakre demonstrated through another power-point presentation, what exercises to do immediately after surgery and then the day by day additions to these exercises so as to essentially become fit and active again. This interesting program ended and was followed by contributory lunch.

Silver Link

Silver Link

Healing with Herbs
On Monday, September 12, 2016, Uma Swaminathan, author of a beautifully illustrated book 'Healing with Herbs' gave an interesting talk on the benefits and longterm harmful effects of the herbs used in our diets. Excessive dependence on patented medicines adversely affects us all. Grandma's traditional remedies and recipes were based on experience and observation - cultural traditions built up over generations. Swaminathan's talk enumerated the several plants the uses of which benefit the human body. The unknown secrets of ancient herbal medicines and their benevolent efficacy in curing several chronic ailments were explained satisfactorily. Her advice - consume seasonal fruits and vegetables - do not overcook - follow the recipes religiously - do not reuse oil used for frying - throw it away, etc. were some of the gems accepted whole heartedly by the enraptured participants. The audience bombarded her with questions related to arthritis, diabetes, cholesterol control, bloating, etc, and Uma responded readily and patiently to all the queries. All too soon the morning had to be brought reluctantly to a close!

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Working to realise the WGU objectives

The fund raising committee of WGU is at the core of the entire WGU operations. The funds raised annually keep the expanding range of activities running smoothly.

The Committee maintains professional relationships with influential donors, philanthropists, other institutions as well as individuals who are interested to contribute to the welfare of women and society.

Special Events

A wide variety of programmes, seminars, workshops and celebrations are held all through the year in the Amy Rustomjee Hall and the lounge. Annual Day Celebrations for the hostel, for the members and the Teachers are highly popular and well-attended.

Lunch and dinner
Simple food reminding you of home-made food is available in our canteen during lunch and dinner timings at subsidized rates for members.